It’s a Cryptocurrency Hustle: Joe Rogan on NFTs


The sports commentator, comedian, and popular podcast host Joe Rogan admitted that he is “not interested” in non-fungible tokens. To him, their concept is difficult to understand, and he called them a cryptocurrency “hustle.”

‘It Doesn’t Make Any Sence to Me’

The popular MMA and UFC commentator – Joe Rogan – does not see how non-fungible tokens have become such a trend recently. During a recent podcast, the American rejected the option of purchasing an NFT. He went further, stating that non-fungible tokens represent an obstacle in the cryptocurrency space:

“It’s a weird hustle. I think it’s like a cryptocurrency hustle. It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Rogan argued that there is no point in spending a considerable amount of money on a digital artwork when people can download it for free:

“Here’s my problem, I can have that photo and I can have it on my phone.”

This is not the first time when Rogan reveals his confusion on the matter. A few months ago, during another podcast, the comedian Reggie Watts tried to explain what NFTs are and how people can interact with them. Rogan, though, said he “understands even less” after the discussion.

On the other hand, the American is not a cryptocurrency critic. He revealed that he is a digital asset hodler. However, he did not disclose which tokens he has exposure to:

“I have a little bit of crypto.”

Joe Rogan. Source: Politico

Are NFTs a Hustle?

Despite gaining massive popularity in recent months, many people are still unaware of what non-fungible tokens are. In short, they are cryptographic tokens that define an asset uniquely. They can represent an image, but they can also track real-world products, such as a car, a house, or a song.

Many have also used their popularity to raise money for charity. An example is the NFT-dedicated platform SuperRare hosted. It launched a digital art collection of Freddie Mercury’s life and career and vowed to distribute the funds to the Mercury Phoenix Trust (MPT) – a charity organization that fights HIV/AIDS worldwide.

Speaking of prominent names, it is worth noting that celebrities such as Eminem, Tom Brady, Lindsay Lohan, and many more also launched their own collections.

In line with what was happening in the space, the NFT trading volumes reached all-time high records in August, exceeding $500 million for a single day at the end of the month. However, investors’ appetite for trading has decreased significantly since then.

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